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Dear friends across Japan,

*Right now, the government is failing to provide evacuation assistance to hundreds of vulnerable children* still trapped in highly contaminated Fukushima City. But, *a group of brave mothers have taken to the streets, demanding their leaders get the children out * of the disaster zone. In 2 days the government will hold an emergency meeting on the issue -- *let's support the Fukushima children:*

Sign the petition

*Right now, the government is failing to provide evacuation assistance to hundreds of vulnerable children* still trapped in highly contaminated Fukushima City. But a group of brave mothers have taken to the streets, demanding their leaders get the children out of the disaster zone -- *together we can help them win.*

*Urgent funding is needed to help relocate families*, but the government has turned a deaf ear and insists that all is safe. With things growing more desperate, local mothers and hundreds of supporters have started a sit-in in Tokyo to demand government help, and are calling on people across Japan to *stand with them and put pressure on Prime Minister Noda.*

The government is feeling the heat and will hold an emergency meeting in 48 hours. *Let’s give the Fukushima mothers our support from every corner of Japan*, channelled into one clear ask for Prime Minister Noda: protect children and vulnerable people, and support their evacuation from Fukushima City. *Sign the urgent petition below and forward this email widely* -- it will be delivered directly to the Prime Minister's office when we reach 20.000 signatures.


Right now our country has a clear choice. We can embrace family values, and rebuild our nation to give all our children a future, or we can continue to ignore those who are facing hardship and neglect. Fukushima's families don’t have a moment to lose -- *every day exposed to radiation massively increases the chances of serious health problems. *

We know that the grueling effects of long-term radiation-exposure passes through generations, impacting the health of not only today’s children, but their children’s children. In the aftermath of Chernobyl, the Soviet Union evacuated people from land which had considerably less radiation than some of the areas in question in Japan. *The children of Fukushima City, trapped in a radioactive environment, will not be able to extricate themselves* from this severe threat to their health without government support for voluntary evacuation. Yet the government won’t trigger evacuation until contamination in an area reaches a level that is four times greater than the threshold the Soviets set for mandatory evacuation after Chernobyl, 25 years ago.

*If tens of thousands of Japanese citizens raise the alarm now, we could tip the balance* and bring hope to hundreds of families. Together let’s build a giant public outcry to show Prime Minister Noda that our country's honour is at stake and urge him to stand up and save lives. *The government meeting is in 2 days -- sign now then forward this email to everyone.*


Japan was rocked on March 11th and we’re still coming to terms with the scale of the destruction. But out of the devastation comes a chance to rebuild -- our country is united more than ever, people are ready to act to make things better for all Japanese citizens. Right now, we can begin to lay the foundation for a healthy future for Japan's children and children's children.

With hope,

Luis, Dalia, Iain, Antonia, Carol, Emma, Ricken, Diego and the rest of Avaaz team.

More information:

Fukushima women demand better protection for children exposed to radiation (Time.com)

Fukushima disaster: it's not over yet (The Guardian) http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/sep/09/fukushima-japan-nuclear-disaster-aftermath

Women stage sit-in protest against nuclear policy, meet with Nuclear Safety Commission (28/10)

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Seven months on, Japan yet to set evacuation plans (Reuters) http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/21/us-japan-evacuation-plans-idUSTRE79K41620111021



*福島の勇気あるお母さん達が、自分の子供達を避難させる為に抗議行動を始めました。*しかし 、日本政府はこれらの人々の避難に対して*何らの援助も行っていません。*福島の子供達を守る為に、大規模な国民の抗議が総理大臣を説得できる唯一の手段です。二日後に日本政府はこの問題について緊急会議を開催します。*福島の子供たちをサポートしよう!*

Sign the petition

*福島の勇気あるお母さん達が、自分の子供達を避難させる為に抗議行動を始めました。*しかし 、日本政府はこれらの人々の避難に対して*何らの援助も行っていません。*福島の子供達を守る為に、大規模な国民の抗議が総理大臣を説得できる唯一の手段です。二日後に日本政府はこの問題について緊急会議を開催します。*福島の子供たちを救おう!*


プレッシャーを感じ始め、日本政府は48時間後に緊急会議を開催する予定です。福島の母親と子供たちをサポートしよう!子供達の健康と未来のために嘆願書に署名し、できるだけ多くの人にこのメールを転送しよう。*2万人分の署名が集まり次第、嘆願書は野田総理大臣に直接届けられる。 *




*何万もの日本人が力を合わせてこの状況に警報を鳴らせば、情勢を変え多くの家族に希望をもたらすことができる。*日本の皆で共に抗議の声を上げ、野田総理大臣に国の信用に関わる問題であることを示し、立ち上がって人々の命を救うよう説得しよう。*緊急会議は二日後に開催されます-- 今すぐ嘆願書にあなたの署名を!ご家族やお友人にこのメールを転送してください。*




Luis, Dalia, Iain, Antonia, Carol, Emma, Ricken, Diego,その他Avaazチーム一同より



フェースブックページ 福島女性たちの座り込み。

特集ワイド:女たちの脱原発 座り込み集会ルポ (毎日新聞)

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